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The Filipino American Human Services, Inc. (FAHSI)

- Bridging the gap in Filipino American human and social services -

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FAHSI’s mission is to bridge the existing gaps in human and social services within the Filipino American community in the Greater New York Area. We do this by working with the community to:

develop culturally appropriate human service programs

advocate its concerns on social issues

enhance human service delivery

encourage civic participation


FAHSI is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization established in 1993 to help meet the human service needs of the Filipino American community. The fourth largest Asian American group in New York City, Filipinos are one of the most underserved groups with respect to human services. In recognition of this need, the Asian American Federation of New York (AAFNY), led by two Filipino Americans on its board, Jean Raymundo Lobell and Reuben Seguritan, convened a forum in November 1992 in which nearly 80 community leaders gathered to identify the needs of the community. A year later, the Filipino American Human Services, Inc. (FAHSI) was established.

FAHSI is the recipient of the 1996 Philippine Presidential Award for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas (Banaag Award), given to organizations for their exemplary service to the Filipino community.


FAHSI began operations in March 1994. Among its accomplishments are:

23 citizenship drives and 8 citizenship workshops

development of a Board of Filipino American Lawyers and Social Workers to assist immigrants and families in need

Youth Day for Filipino Americans of high school age

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Program Areas


Family Counseling Services

assistance in filing for citizenship
referrals to FAHSI’s board of lawyers
citizenship and civics classes
referrals to FAHSI’s board of licensed professional social workers who provide consultation and direct counseling in varied psychosocial and cross-cultural issues


Community Organizing & Advocacy

Fil Am Leaders Club of New York State (FALCONS) (a joint program with the Vanderbilt YMCA)
youth leadership training
town meetings and forum
advocacy on behalf of the community

Filipino Americans in the Tri-State Area, 1990

Total, Tri-State Area 120,565
Connecticut 5,160
New Jersey 53,146
New York State 62,259
New York City 43,229
Queens 22,324
Manhattan 8,116
Brooklyn 5,776
Bronx 3,497
Staten Island 3,516

(Source: 1990 U.S. Census. These figures are generally recognized as
underrepresenting the actual Filipino American population.)

According to the Department of City Planning
17,378 Filipino immigrants settled in New York City from 1990-94,
mainly in Queens (43%).

How underserved is the Filipino American community?

Only 3 of the 62 Asian American Health and Human Service Organizations listed in the Asian American Federation of New York’s 1995 human services directory are Filipino American.

Only 1% of city contracts in the human services area in 1993-94 went to Asian Americans. Of these, none went to Filipino American organizations.

Be our Partner!

FAHSI relies heavily on volunteers for the success of its programs and offers many opportunities for those who would like to get involved in its activities

If you would like to volunteer or make a tax-deductible contribution to FAHSI, please print and fill out the form below:

Yes, I would like to volunteer.

Yes, I would like to contribute. Enclosed is $ ______________.

Please make checks payable to: Filipino American Human Services, Inc. (FAHSI)

I am unable to volunteer or make a contribution at this time, but please keep me informed about your activities.

(Please print)

Name: _______________________________
Address: _____________________________
Phone: (____) _________________________
Fax (____) ____________________________
E-Mail: _______________________________

Please return form to:

Filipino American Human Services, Inc.
95 Madison Avenue, Suite 1309
New York, NY 10016
Tel.(212) 725-3840 Fax (212) 725-6629

Board of Directors
Reuben Seguritan,
Esq. , Chairperson
Practicing Attorney
Board Member, Asian American Federation of New York (AAFNY)

Laura Lopez , Vice-Chairperson
Deputy Director, Trickle-Up Program
Former member, Manhattan CommunityBoard 6

Reynaldo Padilla, CPA , Treasurer
Padilla & Co., LLP
Association of Filipino American Accountants

Vladimir J.M. Manuel , Secretary
Founding Chair, Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND)
Former Technical Assistant to the Philippine Consul General

Raymond Colmenar
Senior Research Associate, Rockefeller Foundation
Co-chair, Asian American Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

Jean Raymundo Lobell, Ph.D.
President, AcXel International, Ltd.
Chairperson, AAFNY

Luz Micabalo
Chairperson, Philippine Centennial Coordinating Council of N.E.U.S.A.

Rosalinda Repulda, M.A.
Community Organization Specialist, Hudson County Community Partnership
Literacy Volunteers of America

Teresita R. Rodriguez
Deputy Director, Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/ AIDS, Inc. (APICHA)
Community Advocate

Gloria Galura Siasoco, Ph.D., CSW, MBA
Senior Social Worker, Rusk Instituteof Rehabilitation Medicine
Member, New York Citizens’ Committee on the Aging

Executive Director
Josie Atienza, Ph.D.

FAHSI is grateful to the following organizations for their support:
New York Foundation, the Citizens Committee of New York,
the Asian American Federation of New York, New York Community Trust,
and the Community Development Agency.





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