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Galleria Filipiniana
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"Where are the youths who will dedicate their innocence,
their idealism, their enthusiasm to the good of the country?
We await you, come for we await you!"

from Dr. Jose P. Rizal's
El Filibusterismo

Vision Statement

Engage Filipino leaders in promoting their ideas through the Internet and connect cyber citizens to resources available in the non-cyber community;
empower the Filipino - both those in the Philippines and the United States by:
providing vital information about the history of Filipinos and
establishing connections for Filipinos' mutual growth;
educate investors, businessmen, and tourists of the new opportunities available in the Philippines - that it is their gateway to the Asian economies;
enhance communications between the movers and shakers of various communities by exchanging resources and solidifying networks; and
encourage Filipinos worldwide to participate in nation-building.

The original intention of the webmaster was to maintain a personal page on the Internet as a hobby. But realizing that his past and present work focuses on Filipinos both in the Philippines and the United States, the idea of having a site catering to both populations naturally came about.  Additionally, the webmaster is a 1.5 generation Filipino American, that is, he was raised in the Philippines through the age of sixteen and came to live in the United States since.

The webmaster hopes that you will visit this site often as it will be updated frequently. Bookmark this site!

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!

Come Back Soon!!!





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