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Entering the Chinese Automobile Market

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This was submitted by a team that the web spinner led for a course in Cross-Cultural Management Skills and Mindset in September 1998. The two-weekend course exposed the class to strategic issues and cultural concerns in entering new markets. Our management team chose to enter the Chinese automobile market with the Toyota RAV 4.
Our team was composed of seven individuals that come from seven countries. The countries represented in our team were the Philippines, South Korea, Greece, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, and Brazil.
The document you will see is in PDF format in order to maintain the integrity of the document and for the surfer to view it as it was intended and submitted to our professors. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the graphic on the upper left and you will be taken to a site where you could download the Reader.
Doing Business in South Korea
This project was originally submitted to Professor Edmond Weiss on February 1998 in partial fulfillment of the communications component of the course, Cross-Cultural Communications and Negotiations.

It was designed to give the reader a better understanding of Korean business culture and contains the following:
Brief History
Culture and Religion
Setting-Up the First Contact
Meeting for the First Time
Meeting and Negotiating Over a Meal
Kibun: Harmony and Maintenance of Good Feelings
Business Timeline and Conclusion





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