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Paper Trail
Welcome to the MBA Pages. This archives some of the presentations, papers, and projects the webmaster has submitted in partial fulfillment of the Global Professional MBA Program at Fordham University in New York City. Additionally, the webmaster will also provide a description of the different MBA programs, events at the business school, and a calendar of various activities and programs.

The webmaster is currently a Global Professional MBA candidate at Fordham Business School with a dual specialization in Global Marketing Management and Information & Communication Systems. He is currently (Winter 1998) taking six courses. These are:
Information and Communications Systems
Operations Management
Financial Environment
Cross-Cultural Communications and Negotiations
Global Marketing Management
Field Study Program (practicum in Strategic Marketing)

He has over four years of international experience and as a conscientious individual, currently serves on the board of directors of two not-for-profit organizations. The first is of these is a human service agency catering to the youth in New York City and the second is a national federation representing over 3,000 organizations.

He hopes that in the future, other MBA students will contribute their work so that the views represented here will come from a diversity of perspectives and expertise. Indeed, business school students have much to share with the cyber and non-cyber community for what we have learned have practical applications beyond our classrooms.

This is not an official site of the Fordham Business School and does not necessarily represent the official and unofficial views of the Fordham Business School, the Global Professional MBA Program, or its faculty and students. Additionally, should you desire to use some of the materials in this site, you must properly give credit providing the author's name and the url you quoted it from. Remember that plagiarism is a strong offense and that most works online are protected by copyright laws.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of information given in this site. You are responsible for checking your facts and figues should you desire to cite the pages here as references.

Thank you very much for surfing in. Stop by once in a while as this site will be constantly updated.





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