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College-based Filipino Organizations in North America


Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND)

Concordia University - Filipino Students Association
University of Manitoba - Association of Filipino Students
McMaster University - Filipino Association
Queen's University - Philippine Cultural Association

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Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND)
Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND)
District 4 (Upstate New York)
District 5 (Greater Philadelphia - Southern New Jersey)
District 7 (Virginia - Chesapeake Bay Area)

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Indiana University - Filipino Students Association
Iowa State University - Filipino Association
University of Illinois (Champaign/Urbana) - Philippine Student Association
University of Michigan - Filipino American Student Association
University of Wisconsin (Madison) - Filipino Graduate Student Circle
University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) - Filipino Student Association

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Columbia University - Liga Filipina
Cornell University - Filipino Association
Dartmouth College - Diwang Pilipino
The George Washington University - Philippine Cultural Society
Georgetown University - Club Filipino
Jersey City State College - Filipino Cultural Association
Johns Hopkins University - Filipino Students Association
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Filipino Students Association
Rutgers University (New Brunswick) - Rutgers Assoc. of Phil. Students
Rutgers University (Newark) - Filipino Students Association
Temple University - Philippine American Council
University of Pennsylvania - Penn Philippine Association
Yale University - Kasama

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George Mason University - Filipino Cultural Association
Oklahoma University - Filipino American Student Association
University of Arizona - Filipino American Student Association
University of Florida -Filipino Student Association
University of North Florida - Filipino Student Association
University of Virginia - Organization of Young Filipino-Americans
Virginia Tech - Filipino American Student Associaion

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UC Berkeley
Pilipino American Alliance
Pilipino AmericaN Graduate InsurgenTs (PANGIT)
Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects and Engineers

UC Davis
Filipino American Student Association
Filipino Cultural Research Organization (FilCRO)
Filipinos in Liberal Arts and Humanities (FILAH)
Launch P.A.D. (Pinoys at Davis)
Pilipino American Society of Engineers

UC Los Angeles
Pilipino Alumni Association
Samahang Pilipino
Samahang Pilipino: SPEAR

Other Colleges and Universities
California Polytechnical Univ. (San Luis Obispo) - Pilipino Cultural Exchange
California State Univ. (Northridge) - Filipino American Student Association
San Diego State University - Andres Bonifacio Samahan
San Francisco State Univ. - Philippine United Student Organization (PUSO)
Santa Clara University - BARKADA Filipino Student Association
Stanford University - Pilipino American Students' Union
University of California (Fullerton) - Pilipino Amer. Student Assoc. Kaibigans
University of California (Irvine) - Kababayan
University of California (San Diego) - Kaibigang Pilipino
University of California (Santa Barbara) - Kapatirang Pilipino
University of San Diego - Filipino "Ugnayan" Students Organization (FUSO)
University of Southern California - Troy Philippines

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Honolulu Community College - Perlas ng Honolulu Community College
University of Hawaii - Filipino Student Network
University of Hawaii (Manoa) - Timpuyog Organization

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Seattle University - United Filipino Club
University of Washington - Filipino American Student Association
University of Washington - Pilipino Amer. Grad. & Prof. Student Network
Washington State University - Filipino American Student Association

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